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a. PMI to promote and establish irrespective peace and harmony of caste, community, religious, nationality, language or any other consideration.


b. PMI to organize and set up institute like orphanage, old age home, training programs to promote the objects of the Trust.


c. PMI to conduct seminars, speaker conference and workshops to undertake experiments and research to improve the methods of communications and teaching and training programs.


d. PMI to organize public meetings and to arrange for speakers musicians and signer’s in order to proclaim the gospel.


e. PMI to conduct radio programs and Television programs and arrange for recording of meeting message, religious songs and to make them available for the public without profit and to make available through Audio and Video cassettes and Gramophone records.


f. PMI to give training to young men and women in social and missionary work and in teaching the truth.


g. PMI to establish, maintain, run, develop, extent, grant, donations for and to aid in the establishment, maintenance, running, development, improvement and extension or libraries reading rooms, recreation centres and other facilities as are calculated to be use in imparting education to the Indian Public.


h. PMI to build erect and construct and to aid and assist in the building erection and construction of houses, dormitories and places or residence for the poor destitute and those handicapped in mind or body and to afford them all comforts and amenities.


i. PMI to conduct classes for the poor, reading and to give good, clothing and cash grants to the poor and to afford relief to people of industries and affected by earthquake, flood, famine pestilence and other case and to the orphanages, rescue house and similar institutions and societies.


j. PMI to promote cash and other form of relieves to the orphans without adequate means of sustenance and to provide for the education of their children, their medical needs etc., and on the occasion of death etc., in their families and those who have suffered in accidents.


k. PMI Art, Literature and Education improvements.


l. PMI Educational helps to the helpless.


m. PMI Establishing the industrial training centres for the self-employment scheme.


n. PMI Founding School, colleges and professional Institutions.


o. PMI Servicing for the equality and women’s freedom.


p. PMI Medical service to the helpless Leprosies.


q. PMI Publishing books, newspapers, magazines and conducting the printing house.


r. PMI arranging to study and recognize the International Art, sports and Games Meditation and Exercise


s. PMI Extending the Advanced Act and Literature creations before the people.


t. PMI creating awareness among the people for the protection of the environment.


u. PMI establishing the environmental Institutes, Laboratories and Documentation centres.


v. PMI Bible seminary @ All India Bible supply.


w. PMI Children Home orphans, Mercy & Aged Homes.


x. PMI Hospitals and clinics for the poor and needy.


y. PMI Tribal welfare & village Development.


z. PMI All India church Ministry


PMI Children’s Home


PMI Church Ministry


PMI Old Age Home


PMI Tribal Welfare


PMI Village Development


PMI Educational Support and etc.,


PMI School and PMI Institutes and Medical College


PMI Medical Service


PMI Widow’s Support


PMI Marriage Support


PMI Poor Family Help


PMI for the Sick People


PMI Rural Developments


PMI for Fisher Family Developments